Black is the New Black


Black is the New Black, gotta love it!

I get these little tidbits of info when my photos are processing… This one surprised me!!! Really?


Doesn’t that amaze you? Makes me even more germ-a-phobic about touching the door handle!

Here is a photo of Sawyer & Kya cuddling with Putter (our Cat). So sweet!



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8 responses to “Black is the New Black

  1. About that bathroom thing…I use that alcohol stuff (because frankly, some bathrooms are so groaty you’re cleaner if you don’t touch anything in them!) so I figure when I put my alcohol hands on the door knob, I make it cleaner for the next person! Hahahaha!

  2. Love the image of Sawyer and Kya; monotone photos are my favourite…lovely jewellery as ever!

  3. Lovely photo, and you are soooooooooooooooo right about those bathrooms….ghastly thought! Valerie

  4. I’ve heard that fact before and it still disturbs me! Your necklace with the beads is beyond stunning!!!!!

  5. Love your post title! It is about time for black to have it’s place back.

  6. I try not to think about that bathroom stuff… they say never put your hand in a bowl of peanuts don’t they!

    Lovely jewellery you’re sharing with us again – perfect for the party season.

  7. Ok, the bathroom hand washing fact is just plain disturbing. Ick. 🙂 I sound like a broken record, but your jewelry is lovely! 😉

  8. Have so enjoyed AEDM!!
    I think one of the best parts was finding the IPHONE app through your blog! I really like the amazing facts that pop up.

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