Vintage Love


My friend Cindy, who happens to be one of my best “finders” of vintage jewelry, brought this beauty to me in a little box. All of the large rhinestones and quite a few teeny tiny stones were laying dejected in the bottom of the box.

I knew it would be amazing if I could put it back together again!

It took me a significant amount of time… Glueing each delicate rhinestone in place… But it was so worth it.

The amazing look of this vintage pendant with renewed life… Coupled with the grungy dark wire feels so right.

I am quite amazed that I have made it to Day 29 of the AEDM Challenge. I am so appreciative of your comments and the fact that so many of you have liked, followed & subscribed!

I have a correction! My spunky, awesome, nose piercing Mom is only 67, not 68! 🙂 Love you Mom!


I am not sure if you can see the wire flower layered over the black filigree. I think I like it because it is subtle.

Thanks for stopping by! Have an amazing day! Kris


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8 responses to “Vintage Love

  1. I noticed the wire flower over the filigree right away because it is different from what you have been posting. I like both : ) . I am amazed that you were able to get all of those little rhinestones back in place, but glad you did because it looks amazing nestled in the wire.

  2. carolyn

    Great job with the AEDM Challenge. It has been a lot of fun seeing your amazing creations posted everyday on your blog!

  3. Both are incredibly beautiful, Kris!!!

  4. Both pieces are beautiful. I love that you use vintage finds! And you dedication to AEDM is amazing!

  5. These are so beautiful… i would SO wear this. 🙂
    Great work! Happy AEDM. xoxo

  6. Your jewelry keeps amazing me. I love how you repurposed a vintage piece. Very lovely!

  7. Another beautiful piece! Thanks for sharing!

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