Holiday Market Fun


Had a great time at the Fireflyes Holiday Market Fundraiser. The fundraiser went toward the purchase of water filters.


Here are a few photos of my display…


I made some more jewelry during the slower times, just need to take some photos.


After the Market, it was fun to have a second thanksgiving with Tom’s family. Fantastic food, fun & games.

Well, here I go again… Nodding off, so I will update more later! 🙂 Kris


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7 responses to “Holiday Market Fun

  1. Kris, I just love all the new dress forms…they are so stinkin’ cute! Show your work off just beautifully!

  2. So pretty, Kris! And I love the look of the photos – what app or program did you use? Hope your holiday season is wonderful!

  3. The dress forms are a beautiful way to display your jewelry. I like the ones in the first picture, in particular.

  4. Thank you everyone. 🙂 I love my dress forms too! They make such a difference in my display.
    Liv…Thanks! I love my app! Especially when a photo is not exactly perfect! I posted recently about the app I use. It is an iphone app and called photo fx. Here is the link:

    and another post I did on it is:

    Thanks so much!! 🙂 Kris

  5. Wow–your setup and jewelry are amazing! You really are shining, lady!


  6. Kris, I am on WordPress, and your posts often show up on my tag surfer. I LOVE your jewelry! On the tag surfer though, your photos show up distorted and over-large. Not sure what the problem is, because I am not tech savvy. Love your Holiday Market display. Just beautiful!

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