Are You Kidding Me????


We are on the way home from Keegan’s hockey game. It was a nail biter. My voice is hoarse from yelling & I don’t normally yell at the games other than an occasional “Go Stars”.

This game was brutal… And the ref-ing was pretty horrible. It was the first time I didn’t want my son to get on the ice.

There was one point where the opposing team had 4 players in the penalty box and only three on the bench.

One of our kids (13-15 year olds), was ganged up on by three players from the other team, one of the players was holding his stick and jabbing it in our boy’s back (which is illegal). Finally our player got ticked and threw a punch. It was a brawl 3-1… And our player was thrown out of the game. You have got to be kidding me!

I do not condone hitting at all, but it was frustrating to watch the refs just stand there.

The intensity of the game is controlled by the refs and what they allow. It was not a good scene.


Well enough ranting & raving! Earlier today, Tom made a huge batch of our traditional Thanksgiving Caramel Chex Mix. I promised to share the recipe with you! My cousin Mia shared this awesome recipe with me years ago!

6 – 8 cups Chex Mix (we use corn & rice)
2 cups pecans
1 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar

(we always make 6-8 batches)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place the Chex mix & pecans in a large bowl. Set aside.

Add the butter & brown sugar to a pan and melt stirring frequently. Slowly bring to a boil and allow to boil for two minutes while stirring. Pour the boiling mixture over the pecans/Chex mix with care. Stir well & spread on a baking sheet. Place in oven & bake stirring every 5 minutes for approximately 20-25 minutes. Cool & serve! You are going to be so popular!

(We usually make 6-8 batches at one time.)




I hope you enjoy the recipe! Have a fantastic Saturday! 🙂 Kris


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6 responses to “Are You Kidding Me????

  1. I remember some of the rough sports days we had when the kids were little. It’s hard to teach them to be fair when there is so much unfairness going on around them. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. artimagica

    That recipe looks great. Thanks for sharing! I bet my daughter will love it and I bet she’ll help me make it too. Glad you and your son survived the game!

  3. It is crazy how intense kids’ sports can be! On a totally different note – I LOVE homemade Chex mix – YUMMY!

  4. So sorry about the game – that was a rough one! I don’t agree with hitting BUT I don’t agree with being victimized either. I think he was right to defend himself even if it meant getting thrown out! Good for him for restraining himself to allow common ref sense to have a chance and good for him for realizing he needed to protect himself!

  5. that sounds especially brutal… hate to see things like that and hope the rant helped you get it out of your system…yuck… so glad it isn’t normally like that… on the upside chex mix looks quite weird and wonderful… don’t have it here in Australia but might see if I can get some at the US store and give this a go xx

  6. Wow.. do I understand.. same thing happened in football this year to my son… and he was ejected…it was definitely a “are you kidding me ” moment. Thanks for the chex mix recipe.. yummmmm.

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