Finding My Grateful…

I generally have a very positive attitude.

This week it seems like life dragged me down more than usual.

I refuse to let this happen.

There is so much to be grateful for, that I will not let the lows in life affect who I am or how I face each day.

So if this week was challenging for you and you are having a hard time finding your grateful…

Maybe a list will help you…

1. My family brings me so much joy. I have such amazing kids… they are kind and caring… I often hear that they help others in school and that is such a core essential in today’s world. I am so grateful. I am even grateful for the five long years it took to have kids, because they were so worth the wait.

2. A Selfless Husband… I am so grateful to have an amazing husband. He continually puts us before himself. He is generous and kind and such a great role model for my kids. He is my biggest support.

We are so lucky to have an incredible family, our parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins and in-laws that we are about to celebrate our day with.

3. The Ability to Create…

I am so lucky to have a creative outlet. It helps me ground myself and brings me so much joy.

4. Friends and Support… I have so many incredible friends and such a terrific support system.To my friends who read my blog, help me find vintage jewelry, support and encourage me and my dear friends and clients who buy my jewelry. I am so grateful for all of you.

5. The Unexpected…

The unexpected moments in our life have such a way of bringing us joy and surprise… They keep us off guard and allow us to take a moment to embrace life. I have to share an unexpected moment from last weekend that I forgot to share. We are sitting at a hockey game and Keegan says… Did Grandma get her nose pierced? I said, I don’t know, why? Well because Bailey (my niece) just posted on facebook that Grandma got her nose pierced. My Mom and Dad just celebrated 48 years in marriage and to celebrate she got her nose pierced. LOL. That is my Mom, spunky! I love that she decided to do that.

6. You… I am grateful for you. I am so thankful that I have amazing visitors who compliment and admire my work. It feels like I am have a conversation with you sometimes. Thank you for being there for me, encouraging, complimenting and just being there!

I hope you have the most amazing Thanksgiving ever and I hope you can celebrate your grateful! 🙂

Kris 🙂


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7 responses to “Finding My Grateful…

  1. A lovely post. You do indeed have a beautiful family! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. That is so like you to work through your issues and come out smiling! Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend!

  3. Beautiful post! I love hearing what others have to be grateful for. You sure have a beautiful family too. Happy Day!


  4. You are truly blessed! Happy Thanksgiving, Kris and family!

  5. A beautiful post and a beautiful family….yes indeed, so much to be grateful for. Btw, my Mum had her nose pierced in her later years….still has it too and she’s in her 70’s now. 🙂

  6. Carol Samsel

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!! A lovely ,meaningful post.

  7. I loved these beautiful family pictures and reading the list of things you are grateful for. Gratitude is HUGE. I am learning to be grateful for EVERYTHING because it is actually the hard things that teach me the most, so I want to be grateful for them too, even though I don’t really like them : )

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