Crash & Burn

Well, I literally crashed & burned last night… A combination of not feeling great, stress & exhaustion shut me down last night. I was sleeping like a baby at 8 pm and just woke up at 6am. 10 straight hours! Not sure when that happened last!

I really needed to rejuvenate body, mind & soul.



Here is Keegan, my goofball. He walked into the room with tinfoil on his teeth! UGH! Does that give anyone else the chills? I found out yesterday that his surgery is scheduled for December 21. He doesn’t want his friends to know yet. It will work out well for school & he should only miss 3 hockey games, it will be hard for him but we will make it through!

I have quite a few events coming up. A fundraiser for Firefleyes on Saturday from 10-3 in Sartell at the Boy Scout Building, my cuff class on December 1st at Bloom, & Tis the Season Boutique in December.


I made a wire flower ring pictured above. I think it needs a little bling tho.

🙂 Coming soon… My recipe for Caramel Chex Mix (originally from my cousin Mia)… I cannot show up at his family Thanksgiving without it!

I hope you have a terrific day today as you prep for an amazing day with family and friends tomorrow. 🙂 Kris


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2 responses to “Crash & Burn

  1. Isn’t sleep amazing??? Your plate is very full, glad you are able to rest. All though I don’t think I would like to be woken up with tinfoil teeth!!

  2. Glad you listened to your body and took the time to rest! Have a fabulous holiday! xo

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