Divide & Conquer


Brrr…. The day started off brisk.

I think someone was testing my ability to face a cold day without caffeine. When I woke up in the hotel room at 6am, I discovered only 4 packets of decaf coffee! No worries, we were on the road to the hockey arena by 6:45 & I knew there was a Starbucks in town from a previous visit. I googled it & we took off on a race for a coffee. We drove through the sleepy town and as we approached the cute little building, discovered with a SHOCK that it was DESERTED! My heart sunk to my toes…

Tears streaming down my face…

Just kidding, I was not that desperate! Almost, but not quite.

Off to hockey where despite my caffeine despondent state… The girls went on to win their 3rd game of the tournament.

Back to the hotel to swim & check out and finally the small local coffee shop opened and I was able to get a much needed latte, just before it was necessary to inject caffeine into my veins! Lol

As I was paying, I discovered this sign.

They had no idea how true it was! And whatever Karma I put out there, I am so sorry!

We rushed back for the final game of the tournament and the girls won their 4th game of the tournament and took first place!


Kya with the trophy and her medal.


The 12U Marshall Tournament champs, way to go River Lakes Stars!


And Sawyer & his friend were great fans! Love the elephant hat!


This was the first tournament in 4 years of hockey that my husband and I have had to divide and conquer. I missed having Tom & Keegan with us. 😦

I love this photo of Chickie and a few of her friends!


After the medals were awarded, we raced off to Keegan’s hockey game, the 6th hockey game of the weekend! We arrived to watch the 2nd half of the game. It was a tough game and the other team had amazing skills. It ended on a sour note with one of the other team members pushing the buttons of one of our Defense and he snapped and threw a punch. He was ejected from the game & benched for two more games. 😦 not a great ending!

I created more jewelry but didn’t get any photos, so will post them soon!

It was a peaceful and beautiful sight that traveled home with us…


I hope you have a peaceful day! 🙂 Kris



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4 responses to “Divide & Conquer

  1. Loved your story, Kris!!

  2. You’re a good mom, Kris! I couldn’t have made it without the coffee. Enjoyed your story.

  3. Wow! What a weekend! I wondered why you’d been keeping such a low profile! Loved the sign about caffeine…I REALLY do not do well w/o it. It was nice you guys were able to cover all you bases. Busy season for you! Congrats to all. xoxoxo

  4. I have no idea how to convert F to Celsius but in any language that sounds cold… and without coffee… you handled it admirably… those last two photos were amazing… so exotic to my sub tropical eyes!!!

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