In The Thick of the Storm

Wow, it was quite a hectic week… Very little sleep and an overflowing schedule makes for a very tired Mama!

I was a little bit horrified when I woke up this morning because I fell asleep blogging at least 3 times last night and I could not remember what I posted. It was kind of like visiting one of my favorite blogs to see what the current post was! Wow, that is pretty bad, but I was convinced not to let AEDM beat me! Lol

Thankfully, I didn’t post anything embarrassing. I know you must be wondering if I was drinking, but I promise I wasn’t!

A few signs that the speed of your life is out of control.
1. You can’t recall what you blogged about 5 hours after you posted it.

2. You attend a parent meeting at the wrong hockey arena! ( yes, I admit it! )

3. You forget what your kids look like.

Okay well, I am guilty of 1 & 2, but I was saved by number 3! Whew, that was a close one!


We were in the thick of a snowstorm today! It sure made it feel like the holidays are approaching! I love snow!

Our weekend started with my son reading on Facebook that my Mom got her nose pierced! Leave it to my Mom! I wonder if she was the first 68 year old to get her nose pierced? She said she did it to celebrate 48 years of being married to my Dad! I know, she is one Rockin Grandma!

We had a hockey tournament in Marshall for Kya.( ok, I am back in this morning correcting my blog post from last night because I was falling asleep writing it again!)

Created some, art.

Had a lot of fun! Hope your weekend is awesome! 🙂 Kris



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8 responses to “In The Thick of the Storm

  1. I love this post because it so resonates with my life!!

    Mind you… I don’t think my Mum would ever get her nose pierced!!

  2. PS – totally loving your jewellery and photography!

  3. Haha great post, love the jewellery – just beautiful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. The jewellery is so unusual…brilliant. I like snow too, but we have it once a year and then that’s that. Wish we could have a bit more:)

  5. Hi Kris! I was laughing because I fall asleep blogging or taking online courses all the time;D LOVE the snowstorms too! Have a happy turkey day!

  6. That snowflake pendant is perfect for the snowy day we had yesterday!

  7. I love that you are soooo real, Kris, and such a sweetie to boot!

  8. Fellow AED fan. Your notes sound like me! I love Hockey too

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