Few words to say

Another day with little to say, I’ll let my photos do the talking.



Lots of extra help making jewelry.

Putter, our cat was helping me a lot!



Fresh flowers from my sister!

Not too much to say, hope you have a great day! Kris


Filed under Art Every Day Month, Cherish Designs Jewelry

3 responses to “Few words to say

  1. This points out a difference in us…I could take your post and turn it into 450 words! Heeheehee! Sometimes a few words and some great photos are all you need!

  2. A picture can speak a thousand words. I love that jewellery with the green and blue gems. Your work is so beautiful!

  3. Cats do like to help – though their definition of the word is sometimes a little askew with our own. I have one on my lap right now licking my wrist. She insists on washing me at every available opportunity. I haven’t the heart to tell her I’m about to get in the shower!

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