Breaking Through The Atmosphere


Wow, it’s been a jam-packed few days… Full of hills and valleys. Yesterday my computer crashed, spinning out of control in a blue screened blur. I am not normally a brand basher, but this is my third computer (two letter word, starting with H and ending in P) that has crashed on me, never lasting more than 2 years. Incredibly frustrating. I had to buy another one, not exactly what I wanted to do right before Christmas.


So far, I am very happy with my new computer. I am not fully loaded yet, but will be shortly. The good news is that my BIL is sure that we can save my work! Wahoo!!

Here i am, working on the way to a history & physical appointment for Keegan.


Before: a gorgeous sunset greeted up this morning.


After: I love my Photo app.


And a Work of Art From Sawyer at Art Club… I must say, I am quite amazed at what he can do. You can see that he drew the earth, and in the background, a comet “breaking through Earth’s atmosphere”.

Celebrating Day 18 of AEDM! Thanks for liking, following & subscribing. And I truly appreciate your comments!

I hope your day is filled with moments of breaking through the atmosphere:

you can do it!

🙂 Kris



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6 responses to “Breaking Through The Atmosphere

  1. Sorry about your computer, Kris! What a monumental pain! Like everything about your post, from your work, to the sunrise to Sawyer’s art!

  2. I love kids’ artwork, so thanks for sharing! So glad you are happy with your new computer, but what a pain to have to go through that.

  3. I hope you soon bond with your new computer, Kris.
    Your photo manipulation is better than the real thing.
    Also, well done sawyer!
    Gwen xx

  4. Sorry about the computer. I always love your jewelry! Sawyer, nice job!

  5. That can be sooo frustrating those computers! I’m glad to hear your stuff can be saved. That’s a HUGE relief. I bought an external hard drive and back up onto that – just in case. 🙂

    I love your jewelry!!

  6. Thanks everyone!! You guys are so terrific!!

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