Still Hanging On…


My Chickadoodle helped me to choose photos for my blog tonight.


She didn’t have perfect photos to choose from. I hope you are not tired of the wired flower photos…


The photo above is of a cuff I created with vintage buttons, wire, and funky elements.


And this cuff with some of my favorite vintage textured beads and wire.

We were driving away from the most incredible sight and i wanted to share the best photo I could capture…


And here is my Chicky, she selected this photo to share with you. 🙂


Thanks so much for stopping by! I cannot believe it is Day 17 of AEDM. Still hanging on!

I appreciate so many amazing comments and I thank you so much for liking, following and subscribing! Have a great day! Kris


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10 responses to “Still Hanging On…

  1. I love your chickadoodle! What a sweetie! I am not tired of your necklaces!

  2. I will never tire of your wired photos! Everything you make is wonderful and I love those cuffs!

  3. That cuff is just amazing.. really really beautiful… you are so very talented xx

  4. Lovely necklace!!! I also like the photo you had taken in the car:)
    YOur Chicky is adorable!

  5. Beautiful work, it’s so unique as well as stunning, thanks for sharing x

  6. Just love your jewelry. I’ve added your ETSY store as a fave so I can find it again when I’m ready to add something new and delightful to my jewelry wardrobe! I love your cuffs and that wild necklace!

  7. cbear70

    I love your photos and your wired jewelry…. and your sharing…

  8. Great prop for the necklace. You are doin great stuff Kris.

  9. very creative. love the photo from the side mirror.

  10. Thank you all for your amazing comments! I appreciate you so much!

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