Blogging from Bed


Love a clear rhinestone vintage element…


I am blogging from bed & my eyes are starting to droop.


My alarm is set for 3:45am, so I better let myself fall asleep.

Have a happy day!


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14 responses to “Blogging from Bed

  1. 3:45? I’m barely in bed by then!

  2. Wow, I thought that I got up early at 4;45! I love the contrast between the black wire in your jewelry and the lighter vintage elements. Lovely!

  3. Beautiful work, just wonderful!

  4. Ann

    Lovely pieces! I like getting up early because it is so peaceful and quiet in the home. Can get a lot done before everyone else is awake.

  5. Love you jewelry! I’m dreading this coming Saturday because I have to set my alarm for 5:45 am for the show I’m in. I can’t imagine 3:45 am.

  6. I absolutely love clear rhinestone vintage pieces and what you have done with this is simply gorgeous. Hope you had a great time at the show. You’ll have to share with us what 3:45 am is like – I haven’t had to that for awhile, thank goodness!

  7. I thought only radio talk show hosts or early morning tv show people got up that early! My goodness how do you do it? Must work though because you are always producing gorgeous pieces!
    Hope you and your family are well. How is your little boy doing?

  8. Wow those are absolutely beautiful!!

    But…WHY are you getting up so early??? Eeek!! 😉

  9. Your wire wrapping is so fluid – so smooth. The touches of sparkle are perfect!

  10. Oooh! These are gorgeous!!
    3:45? UP at that time??? yikes. All though if I had known, I would have invited you to my can’t sleep party!!

  11. Beautiful pieces, Kris!

    I get up at 4AM on weekdays to get my son up for work as I drop him to the bus stop. I like the early starts to the day because I catch up with blogs while the rest of the household sleeps. The problem is making sure I get to bed early enough so I can get s decent night’s sleep. 🙂

  12. I’ve got to get some of your jewelry. I’m not even a jewelry person but I like things that are unique. I’ve subscribed in order to keep up with you.
    Lovely work.

  13. B

    Wow! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful designs!

    I actually stumbled upon you TWICE this morning! ;->. Once from a loooong list of links from Deborah Velásquez’s blog post on November 1st for a blog hop where I randomly picked only one site to visit – and it was YOURS. Then back at AEDM where I’m trying to visit each day those who post just before and just after me plus number 43 (my age, yikes!) and number 7 (favorite number!) You were number 7 yesterday so up you popped on my screen again! What lovely work you do! Glad to have found you and I will be back again. Have a wonderfully creative day!

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