You Win Some & You Lose Some

Creative Every Day Month Day 13!!! This is my first month long challenge and I must say, I am enjoying it so much! I love everyone’s comment! I am enjoying being able to explore new blogs daily! And I enjoy the challenge of posting every day! I wonder if there is a December monthly blog challenge?

Yesterday, I gave myself the muffin tin challenge partially because I knew I would be on the road a lot this weekend and also because I wanted to participate in the last one… Here are two of the 8 pieces I created yesterday.

The first piece is a handmade wire flower centered on an amazing vintage rhinestone element. Very happy.


It has been fun to draw from one small container rather than pull from about 4-5 trays.

The second piece kind of replicates a wreath of wire with the most beautiful opalescent pearl oval vintage element. Love.


Both necklaces will be listed in my etsy shop shortly…
Perfect for holiday gift giving!

We enjoyed two hockey games yesterday. My daughter Kya was moved up to the next level in hockey because they were low on numbers. She is the youngest on the team. I was amazed by the awesome team work by this group of girls. Kya played a new position & scored 2 goals ( which tied her record of two goals for the whole season last year).

The second game was Keegan’s game and they played a team that dominated them. Totally out skated them. I am proud of my son who had his first Bantam game (which was unnerving because most Bantams have hit their growth spurts and tower over a few of our bantams.) and kept his spirits up after getting crushed 0-9.

Hockey is so much like life, you win some & you lose some… And through it all it is important to keep a great attitude, through both experiences.

I forgot to remind you about my 15% off coupon in my etsy shop so I have extended the coupon through tomorrow. 11/15/11 Just enter the code!


If you would like to follow some of the amazing artists in the AEDM challenge, you can follow them here.

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7 responses to “You Win Some & You Lose Some

  1. Beautiful pieces of jewelry! I love how you combine the vintage with modern wire — lovely!

  2. I’m glad you are enjoying the challenge, Kris! I know I am. If you hear of any for December, be sure to let me know! Beautiful work and fun time with the family!

  3. 8 pieces in one day – wow! Your wire work is beautiful!

  4. Your wire work is just sensational. Wish I was that talented.
    Gwen xx

  5. Great pieces–I especially like the wire flower with rhinestones. Very pretty! I’m enjoying AEDM, too. You asked about a challenge for December…Leah does have the Creative Every Day thing going on for 2012… I’m thinking about doing that just to keep the momentum going 🙂

  6. Every day your pieces are just amazing me… they are beautifully executed and have such movement about them… they are great

  7. I’m impressed that you made 8 pieces in one day….well done! It’s incredible that you man age to make each piece unique….beautiful work!

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