Muffin Tin Challenge

A while back, a group of jewelry makers had a muffin tin challenge… I wasn’t able to participate, but really wanted to. I decided on this weekend that I am going to have my own muffin tin challenge. I placed like objects that I am inspired to work with and took a couple of photos for you.


I just love my muffin tin…


I bought it, used and abused!

So my goal is to create at least a couple of pieces from each tin… Often I will grab my supplies and regret not having matching crystals or another element, so I took a little time planning. (I am normally not a planner, I am a free form creator! Lol (yes I made that up!))

Here is one of my first creations…


It is now dark in Minnesota early and it is too late to take photos with natural light… So here is my next best option:

I got a photo cube some time ago… So tonight I set it on a shelf by a double sconce light. My lighting should be a little brighter, but I am okay with the result.

Here is a peek:


And here is a shot a little further away.



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6 responses to “Muffin Tin Challenge

  1. Love the muffin tin challenge! What a beautiful idea…

  2. Love your muffin tin! I bought one just like it the last time I went to the Antique Trove. Have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but I had to have it!

  3. lol, I misread this as Muffin Tim and wondered who he was!!! Your muffin tin photos are gorgeous, so many lovely ‘bits’, and I adore your jewellery piece, so unique and fab colours

  4. What a fun challenge…looks like there’s oodles of fun ahead! Love your unique jewelry!

  5. A fun challenge! I love all the images….lots of goodies there ~ 🙂

  6. I love my muffin tins, too. I figure the older and abused, the better. I am glad you showed the photo cube. I have never heard of such a thing – I was going to see if I could get my husband to make me something, but this looks pretty cool!

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