Dynamic Sunsets

Sunday as I was creating my blog post, my thumb inadvertently touched the publish button… I generate my blog from the WordPress app on my iPhone. There is no cancel button! So I had to quickly add tags and title it and be okay with the content.


Normally I create it and then go back to it and refine it. Yesterday I showed my rookie viewpoint of my photography.

Thank you so much for visiting and for all of your comments! It turns out the app was on sale for 99 cents!

There are a few things I would change. I live in Minnesota so my outdoor studio will change to an indoor by the light of a window studio. I will show you my process soon.

I forgot to mention that how I lay the chain part of my necklaces also impacts the look… The necklace above makes me happy…


This necklace… Not so much. It makes me want to say Huh? It looks silly like a question mark.

I also wanted to share… Take the time to really look at your photos before you put your props away. Sometimes I find I will ruin a great photo by getting the edge of something else in the photo. Here is a great example of this… This is a crown I made and delivered…


I was in a hurry… Don’t you love my light switch in the photo? I did not review my photos as you can see. Some mistakes can be cropped out, but not all.

So this photo is the reason my thumb hit publish, I was in a hurry to capture the dynamic setting of the sun.

It was truly worth it!

And I intended on sharing a photo of the birthday girl…

I Can’t believe my baby is 11!

I hope you have a moment to capture a dynamic sunrise or set today!

If you like what you see, thanks for following, liking or subscribing! have a FUNtastic day! πŸ™‚ Kris


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13 responses to “Dynamic Sunsets

  1. Thanks for the tips of photos. We are all tech/art-geeks. xoxo from AED month Terah

  2. Thanks for a very enjoyable post.
    I saw a sunset two days ago when I did not expect to. It made my jaw drop it was so gorgeous.
    And yes, the babies grow up all too quickly!
    Gwen xx

  3. Thank you for the tips!!! They are very helpful to new bloggers just like me! πŸ™‚



  4. Kris, it always makes me smile to see notification of your post in my inbox! Thank you for being such a bright spot in my life! Happy birthday to the babe!

  5. Kris, I’m learning so much from you on photos…I mentioned the new phone app you told us about yesterday in my blog today!
    Now I just have to find some cool props that I like…

  6. cbear70

    Very fun post…. Happy birthday to your girl… now off to find that dynamic sunset…

  7. More pretty! You just keep turning it out. πŸ™‚

  8. Think this will help!! Thanks, Kris.

  9. Been there done that with the unwanted object in a photo! Thanks for the other tips as well and for including the pic of your darling daughter!

  10. The wire jewelry is stunning. Really love the blue one! Your photo styling tips are extremely helpful – thanks for sharing!

  11. I love the style of your jewelry and that its recycled materials! And that crown is amazing!!

  12. The question mark made me giggle so much, I’d never have thought of that of your beautiful necklace. Love the crown too, regardless of lightswitch interference. Thanks for sharing, much love, Jennibellie xx

  13. Thank you Jennibellie! πŸ™‚ I know… it looked so funny when I saw it! Thanks so much for your comment! I appreciate it! πŸ™‚ Thanks to everyone who commented! You guys are so awesome! πŸ™‚ Kris

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