Spreading Our Wings Blog Hop

I am so excited about the blog hop today… for those of you who have not hopped before, a blog hop is a group of people who post blogs on the same day with a similar theme… It is so much fun! Our blog hop is about spreading our wings and inspired by our Flying Lessons Ecourse with Kelly Rae Roberts and the group of friends we have made through this class. This group of amazing artists and friends have offered encouragement, support, feedback and a safe place to launch… I am so thankful!

I believe I have always had a postive attitude and since I discovered wire, I have finally felt like I am doing what I am meant to do… create with wire. It brings me so much joy! I am living in a dream right now with my line with Demdaco/Silvestri launching… I think I always knew I could fly… The course helped nudge me along to take some of the steps with social media and organization that I was missing!

My inspiration is a bit literal… I created some jewelry that incorporates “spreading our wings”…

WHIMSICAL WING… This necklace was created using some gorgeous vintage white rose beads…


The second necklace I created is called THE KEY TO FLY… And includes a trio of pendants… A hand formed wing I created out of wire and a vintage rhinestone necklace, I wrapped each stone to create a unique sparkly wing… A skeleton key wired with rhinestones and a sweet bird stamped out of a vintage tray.


My third necklace I CAN FLY has a trio of the beautiful vintage rose beads… It is another wing… Poised for flight.


All three necklaces will be available in my etsy shop at http://www.cherishdesigns.etsy.com.

And to honor this special day, I am offering a coupon in my etsy shop! (I know, I finally, finally listed some items in etsy… I hope you enjoy!)


I connected with this amazing group of artists by taking an ecourse called Flying Lessons from
Artist, Author, & Possibilitarian Kelly Rae Roberts . This blog hop includes
some of the artists that have connected through a private facebook group. The
experience of connecting with other artists in a comfortable and supportive
setting has made such an impact on me personally. The theme of our blog hop is
Spreading Our Wings… I think you are going to be amazed by the incredible art
and inspiration that you will find on the following blogs!

If you like what you see, don’t forget to subscribe, like and follow us!!!

Amaranthine Violet: http://magic-gypsy.blogspot.com/

Amy Hillenbrand: http://amyhillenbrand.blogspot.com

Beatriz Peñas B.: http://beatrizbepe.blogspot.com/

Beth Cougler Blom: http://sobliss.wordpress.com/

Carmen Patti: http://carmenpattistudio.com/wordpress/

Carol Bray: http://theredpaintedcottage.blogspot.com

Christina Fajardo: http://christinafajardo.blogspot.com/

Cindy Jones Lantier: http://www.lantier.org

Connie Rawlins : http://www.dabblinginlife.blogspot.com/

Dana Brock: http://www.dzynbydana.blogspot.com

Deborah Velásquez : http://deborahvelasquez.blogspot.com

Elissa Brown: http://thefreckledarmy.blogspot.com

Hillary Courson: http://www.hillarycourson.com

Jacquie Williamson: http://www.jacquiewilliamson.blogspot.com/

Jane Paynting: http://inkspiredwings.wordpress.com

Janet Forrest: http://tatterednworn.wordpress.com/

Jennifer DeVille: http://jenniferdeville.com/blog/

Jill Lambert : http://www.jill-lambert.blogspot.com/

Julie Hamilton: http://spaark.wordpress.com

Kanchan Mahon: http://Kanchan-Mahon.blogspot.com/

Karen Claverie: http://giddyupletsride.blogspot.com

Kari DeSaulnier: http://karidesi.blogspot.com/

Kathleen Conard : http://newfromoldcreations.blogspot.com/

Kathleen McKinnon: http://harmonyschoolhouse.com/expressions-blog.html

Kathy May: http://kathymaydesigns.org

Kelley Miller: http://www.kelleymillerartworks.blogspot.com/

Kelly Corso: http://birdinatreecreations.blogspot.com/

Kelly Hoernig: http://www.kellyhoernig.blogspot.com/

Kim Hyer: http://www.apaperaddict.com/

Kris Lanae Binsfeld: https://cherishdesigns.wordpress.com

Lenore Angela: http://www.lenoreangela.blogspot.com/

Linda Barutha: http://lindabaruthadesigns.blogspot.com

Lisa Michele Products:

Liza Zeni Baker: http://lizazeni.wordpress.com/

Lynn Richards: http://alittlebluesky.blogspot.com

Lori Leissner: http://leissnerart.blogspot.com

Lori Moon: http://lorimoonstudio.blogspot.com

Mary Cottingham: http://www.barnbugstudio.blogspot.com/

Mary Sterk: http://justmarydesigns.wordpress.com

Megan Schmitt: http://www.schmittenwithwords.blogspot.com/

Melanie Douthit: http://www.douthitgallery.blogspot.com/

Michelle Dwyer: http://www.magnetisedbylife.com/

Michelle Reynolds: http://shellsinthebush.blogspot.com/

Rachél Payne (Rae): http://collectingyourself.wordpress.com/

Rain Hannah: http://honeyandollie.com/

Rhiannon Connelly: http://www.starrybluesky.wordpress.com

Ruth-Mary Smith: http://patchworkfamilieshub.blogspot.com

Sherry Richert Belul:

Shirley Ann: http://leonardarenaissancewoman.blogspot.com/

Stacey Chadwick
Brown: http://staceybrownarts.blogspot.com/

Susan M. Walls-Beverly:

Teresa Cash-Czech: http://www.asmilemaker.com/

Tina Carlborg: http://www.tinachicky.blogspot.com/

Tonya Love: http://passport2creativity.com/

Ursula Smith: http://www.EasyScraps.com/blog

Zulma Cadena: http://edustory.wordpress.com/

Mary Cottingham http://www.barnbugstudio.blogspot.com

Special Thanks to Michelle Reynolds for the use of her artwork(http://shellsinthebush.blogspot.com/)! For more info on classes by Kelly Rae Roberts visit www.kellyraeroberts.com or check out her new Hello Soul. Hello Business. http://kellyraeroberts.com/hello-soul-hello-business. Thanks for hopping with us! :-) Kris


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32 responses to “Spreading Our Wings Blog Hop

  1. Love your jewelry esp The Key To Fly. Thanks for organising the blog hop and for being a wonderful member of the Fly Tribe. Congrats on your well deserved success.

  2. Kris, I am blown away by your jewelry! Amazing! I don’t know which one I like best because they are all so unique and beautiful. Can’t wait to check out your etsy shop.

  3. Kris, Your necklaces are all so beautiful. But more than that I know that a Beautiful Soul created them!! Thanks so much for organizing our hop, and being such an encouragement. Congrats on all your success 🙂

  4. Kris, you’ve done an amazing job at organizing this blog hop. I am slowly making my way down the list, I had no idea how big this was and this is the first hop I’ve participated in. Beautiful jewellery, wonderful to have connected with you on this special journey. Liza x

  5. …loving all of your necklaces here. esp. the first one. so pretty. thank you for the hop too! so fun… lottsa clickin’ to do onw! have a beautiful day, j

  6. Thanks so much, Kris, for putting this hop together. Your jewelry is beautiful! You are an inspiration. Thanks you!


  7. Kris, You are such a huge inspiration to me!!! I am so happy for you for all of your accomplishments and all of your future successes that I know will follow!!!! Thank you so much for all that you have done for us!!! Kathy

  8. THE KEY TO FLY is so beautiful! It has been so enlightening flying with all you ladies. My dream is to some day be signed by Demdaco or someone like them. There was a Demdaco representative that took photos of my art at a gallery this year but they never called me back. Guess I still have a little mud in my wings… soon, very soon! Your presentation is wonderful!

  9. Oh Kris, what a wonderful job you did on organizing this blog hop. I’m enjoying checking out all these great blogs and seeing such great works of art. Thank you ever so much for arranging all of this. I love all three of your necklaces. I’ll have to check these out in your etsy shop.

  10. Thanks again Kris! I have so enjoyed getting to be friends. I hope you never get tired of hearing how much your support has meant to me, and I get the added bonus of living vicariously through your success! Your jewelry is beautiful, as are you! xo

  11. Hi Kris, Thanks so much for putting this together. I’m having so much fun visiting everyone’s blogs/sites! I’m a real fan of your work, and your photography ( I’m going to ask you more about this later…) Anyway, I was so happy to meet you at the TCC, and thanks again for all the encouragement you give to everyone!

  12. I love your jewelry – such amazing designs. Congratulations, again, on your Demdaco/Silvestri launch – I can’t wait…

  13. Kris,

    Your jewelry is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Your creations are wonderful and thanks for being our “hop” host! Congrats on your product launch, am curious to see if I can find a shop with your things to see them in person.


  15. What an inspiration! You are soaring! May the wind be with you!

  16. Hi Kris, your jewellery is superb. I checked out your shop and I so want a crown. If I had a crown I would wear it to bed like I did with new boots when I was little. You are amazing!

  17. Kris- thanks so much for setting this all up! It is such fun! I think your blog is so great! I love your jewelry and the way you photograph them!!

  18. Kris, your jewelry is awesome! I especially love that “a key to fly.” This group has been such a blessing to me, and you have been a big part of this fly group. I think (and I envy) it is wonderful how you have found what you love. You are soaring!

  19. beautiful jewellery!!!! Great flying with you!

  20. Thank you thank you thank you Kris for starting this blog hop. It has been great fun and good to find some blogs that I haven’t seen before. I am so excited about your Jewelry line and your success. You give us another example of what is possible.

  21. I love your jewelry style especially “a key to fly” – so fun! Thanks for being part of the group, coordinating the hop and for encouraging us to take this leap with the blog hop. So much fun!

  22. Kris! Your jewelry is so inspired and gorgeous. LOVE the theme pieces for today. What joy. Thank you for all the work you did in organizing this hop. I’m still only about half-way through but am finding such delight in everyone’s art, words, and style. Cheers!

  23. Hi Kris! I took your advice and started the blog hop from the bottom of the list;) Thanks for putting all of this together. It’s so fun getting to know everyone this way. I hope more girls participate next time (although that would take me a week to visit them all) 🙂

  24. Thanks so much for all your help with the hop! Your work is amazing and so is your spirit! 🙂

  25. Jane Paynting

    Hi Kris ! Great job organising this blog hop it has been wonderful. Your work is very unique and I am looking forward to checking out your Etsy Shop.

  26. Kris… everything about what you have going on is wonderful! Great blog, Great work, Great advice and feedback to all of us flyers! Thank you so much for all you do and all that you are! This wouldn’t have happened with you!

  27. PS… how do I get monsters to show up as everyones picture? LOVE IT!

  28. Your jewelry is just fantastic and I know you are going to SOAR to new and exciting heights with it – enjoy the ride!

  29. Beautiful work! I love the trio of pendants!

  30. Rainy

    I love your trio of goodies… such beautiful work!

  31. Thank you every one for your amazing compliments and terrific encouragment. I am humbled by your kind words… I am so thankful you stopped by! 🙂 Kris

  32. kris, you are very creative, congrats on demdaco, the trio you created are fab, great flying with you x

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