Vintage Button Love


Hope you are having an amazing weekend! A quick photo of one of the necklaces I created with vintage buttons… Love vintage buttons!!!

More to come! Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚ Remember we have the blog hop coming up on Nov 1, you can subscribe via email if you don’t want to miss it!

πŸ™‚ Kris


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6 responses to “Vintage Button Love

  1. Very pretty (as usual!) Kris. I have my blog post ready to go! Thank you so much for putting that together! Have you thought about e-mailing Kelly Rae and letting her know we are doing it, and perhaps asking if she would be willing to let the gals from the first class know about it? Maybe we could get some cross pollination going!

  2. Debbie

    Hi Kris,
    Did I miss the info on your Blog Hop? Love to maybe participate? Love the beauty with vintage buttons. I collect them as well….hugs to you!

  3. You are so creative – looks beautiful! I love vintage buttons, too.

  4. Janet, that is a great idea! I will work on that. Thanks so much for always being so complimentary!! πŸ™‚ hugs! Kris

  5. Debbie,

    The blog hop I am participating in is a group of artists from an Ecourse we took from Kelky Rae Roberts. It would be fun to do one with our facebook group though! I would be happy to set it up, maybe in mid November??? What are your thoughts?

  6. Thanks Kathleen! You are too kind! I love your blog!!!

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