Peace & Awe

Rewind to yesterday… I’m sitting on our couch in our living room on a Friday morning… One of my favorite times of the day on one of my favorite days of the week.

I’m sitting in the dark drinking my morning coffee.


Putter our kitty is purring in my lap as the sun starts to rise…


I watch in peace and awe as the dark night turns into glorious day! One of my favorite moments to enjoy… The anticipation of a new day.

I grew up in a dog family and love dogs… However with our hectic life, it seemed unfair to bring a dog into our family and leave it frequently… Enter Putter, our new sweet kitty and hilarious member of our family. Putter is our first cat and I cannot tell you how much we enjoy him! (it is hard to leave our sweet putter too, but everyone assures us that cats do fine when you leave them for short periods.)

I am soooooo thankful my kids have him to cuddle when they need a little extra lovin! He has a funny new addiction of drinking water out of the bathroom sink! It’s hilarious to watch as his cute little tongue quickly laps up the drizzling water… Not a great photo, but cute.


Today I was fortunate enough to meet with the Amazing team at Demdaco/Silvestri… It is so exciting as the first line of products launch and will be highlighted to their sales staff in November. I got to touch and feel the samples of the earrings in my line and I truly cannot tell you how amazingly well they duplicated my work, right down to the quality of the wire and the beautifully tucked ends of the wire. I am so anxious to share the line with you!

I am incredibly happy to be working on some new concepts boards for the 2013 line! I feel giddy with excitement as I nudge myself into new creative territories with the encouragement of my friends at Silvestri/Demdaco.

Since I had to be in the Twin Cities two back to back days, we shopped Priceline and got a fantastic rate on one of the nicest rooms (suites) my kids have ever stayed in(in their words! Lol)! In fact Kya informed me that she could live here!

Tom & the kids picked me up after my meeting with Demdaco and we ventured off to the Mall of America to shop for winter jackets.

Peeking over the railing at the rotunda…


Riding down the escalator…

And three kids collapsed on one chair, I just missed the best shot of Ky sprawled with her head draped over the back of the chair… It showed without words how exhausting shopping is!

Thankfully they had enough energy remaining to swim in the pool! And we were all cuddled up in our beds by 9:00 pm. Here is a shot out of our window, the lights are gorgeous, but I can’t seem to capture the beauty.

I had some fun creating time enroute & at the pool, will share more photos soon!



Of course I can’t leave you without a shot of a necklace… I fell in love with the vibrant beads that pick up so many colors and had fun wiring them into a dynamic pendant!

And as I recap our fun filled day, I continue to be filled with gratitude by the Peace and Awe of this day.

May your day be filled with peace & awe! 🙂 Kris


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3 responses to “Peace & Awe

  1. Beautiful, Kris. I had never been to Mall of America before TCC. It’s ENORMOUS! I felt like I needed to drop breadcrumbs to find my way back to where I came in! I’m so excited to be watching your enjoyment of your new venture! You deserve the success! Can’t wait to see a sign in the stores with your “stuff!” I’ll send a pic.

  2. It is huge, isn’t it? When my kids were babies, my niece and I took a trip to Moa, I forgot where we parked & it took forever to find our car on opposite side of the mall! Now I always take a picture of where I park! Lol I totally needed breadcrumbs that day! 🙂 Kris

  3. Thanks for the great post – please continue to keep us in on the licensing journey! So exciting . . .

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