Good Morning Sunshine!

Good Morning Sunshine, peeking over my shoulder…

You can come out and share your joy with us. There is something about you that lifts our spirits and brings us happiness. Do you realize the positive impact you have?

People smile more because of you, they yield to others and wait more patiently. Thank you for spreading your joy today!

The day is so amazing today and I really needed a day like today to create balance in my soul. Yesterday was the beginning of a winter journey we call H O C K E Y!

Hockey has been an amazing sport for our family, some of our closest friendships have developed through hockey. There is no denying the time commitment involved and constant running required to be a hockey parent. The benefits do outweigh the challenges, I think I needed to remind myself of that this morning as we delve into week one! Thank goodness for carpools!

A benefit is the creating time sitting in the arena!

I am a believer that we should do what we love! We do love hockey.

I hope your days are filled with sunshine and doing things that bring you joy! πŸ™‚ Kris


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6 responses to “Good Morning Sunshine!

  1. You are lucky to have that in your rear view mirror! Can you imagine how hard it must be for people going the opposite direction!
    Most of my artistic pursuits require too much “stuff” to be practical for taking “on the road!” But, this knitting thing may be just the ticket for keeping my hands busy in the car! Although now that I’m into it, I’m wondering if crocheting wouldn’t have been more practical! Not sure what I’m going to knit! Thanks for being one of my sources for sunshine, Kris!

  2. Good for you for picking up knitting! How about a cute scarf? Legwarmers? πŸ™‚ how about a knitted necklace? Can’t wait to see what you come up with! I am often thankful for the sunshine on my shoulders in the morning! πŸ™‚ have a sunshiny day!

  3. Hasn’t the weather been gorgeous?! I love sunny days in the Fall. Right now we are Lacrosse and Volleyball. No hockey players…just ice skaters…but definitely fun to watch! Have fun during this busy time!

  4. lol- i’ve been thinking i should start a series of drawings from the pickup line of my son’s school, heehee. just love those necklaces too!

  5. Wow Hilary, that sounds fun! We are winding down on volleyball… Never had Lacrosse players! Fun stuff! Yes, cannot believe how beautiful the weather has been! Loving it! Enjoy running! πŸ™‚

  6. I know Julie! Do you ever wonder how long you have sat in that very spot! Could be an interesting series! πŸ™‚ thanks for the compliments! πŸ™‚ enjoy! Kris

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