I’m A Bit Obsessed: It’s Not With Making Earrings

It seems like I have a tendency to become a bit obsessed…

And it isn’t an obsession with making earrings like it might appear in this post… I


Recently my obsession includes taking photos of the beautiful world around me as I travel… I am not sure why, but it appears even more incredible in the photos. Could it be that at that particular moment my focus may be on more specific details in my immediate moment rather than focusing on the entire frame of vision.

<br 20110923-033805.jpg

Isn’t that a gorgeous morning, full of amazing colors?



20110922-082055.jpg I recently shipped a partial order of earrings to What Not, the whimsical adorable store in Park Rapids… So amidst the beauty of recent wanderings, you will see scattered photos of earrings.

Waves of grain… Or stocks of corn… Amazing colors.

20110923-040642.jpg It’s clear that I need to take a step back and admire the beauty of my life frame by frame…

More journeys ahead! Have an amazing day! Kris


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2 responses to “I’m A Bit Obsessed: It’s Not With Making Earrings

  1. You do earrings too?! Oh man. Love these! You rock Kris! I agree, it’s great to stop and admire the beauty around us. Great photos!

  2. Hi Hilary!

    I do some earrings, but my confession and what I neglected to share in my post is that I am NOT obsessed with them. I am not great at it… It seems like often I have to make 3 earrings to get a matching set of 2, so they are time consuming! LOL! Thanks for your compliments! Hope you find lots of beauty in your day today! 🙂 Kris

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