The Creative Connection MarketPlace 2011


The doors opened and the creative joy has begun…

I am overwhelmed with compliments by the amazing people who have visited so far!


I truly thank my Sister Karlene and my other Sister (adopted) Tracy for your amazing help with my booth. You guys Rock!!! I have had so many compliments on my booth!

It is amazing to meet some fellow flyers (from our class with Kelly Rae Roberts) Janet, Linda & Carmen!!!


I guess this is going to be in segments… Having trouble with service! More soon!


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5 responses to “The Creative Connection MarketPlace 2011

  1. Always a pleasure to be part of your dreams!!! xxoo

  2. Kris! What can I say? You are just amazing! I am so grateful to you for letting me into your life! XOXO

  3. HI Kris, Wow what an amazing weekend! I was so happy to meet you and so many amazingly talented women! Anyway, your work is lovely and I can tell you are too…..I can’t believe I didn’t walk off with one of your pieces, but the holidays are coming up…..

  4. Carmen, It was so amazing to meet you too! What a terrific event! I can’t wait to find out if you hear anything on your pitch slam! I look forward to connecting with you again soon! Thanks for your compliments! 🙂 Kris

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