All Wired Up!!

Oh My Word, I am all wired up for the coming weekend, starting on Thursday!


A trip to the Junk Bonanza & then on to set up my booth at the Creative Connection. If you live close by, it is well worth a trip to see the amazing Hand Crafted work at the MarketPlace! It will be held at The Crown Plaza in St. Paul and the hours Friday are from 1:30-9:30pm and 10am to 6pm on Saturday.


My family has been incredible, my hubby has been a trooper, makeing chains and pricing, & all three of my kids have helped create my background and have been patient while I wired away most evenings.

I hope you can stop by, and if you can’t, I will do my best go give a photo tour!


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2 responses to “All Wired Up!!

  1. Thank You so much! 🙂 I appreciate your compliment!

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