I Choose To Fly!!!

Even with a pretty heavy load to carry lately with working full time, adding a franchise training we didn’t plan on, but is in the best interest of our future, trying to build my jewelry inventory for fall shows and in the process trying to balance family time and back to school prep…

(Whew! Exhausted just typing that!)

I am choosing not to be overwhelmed!

I am choosing to FLY!

It’s time to spread my wings and accomplish what I can with the time that I have!!

After all… You can’t fly if you don’t spread your wings!

Happy Flying!

P.S. Above are two necklaces I created today… The joyful birds are repurposed file cabinets and I have used vintage beads to accent them!

P.S.S. Notice my new chain! In my rush to order chain from my wholesaler, I hastily added this chain to my cart… When it came in today, I was surprised at how large the links are! If I had paid attention when I was ordering, I don’t think I would have ordered it! What a great mistake! Wait till you see the other funky chain I accidentally ordered! You’ll see it soon! Have a free flying day! Kris

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