Treasure Hunting!

Fun adventures…

For a few years, I have been wanting to go to a huge antique sale about 3 hours away… our busy schedules have never allowed it before. So it was with a joyful heart that my husband, my daughter and I woke up at 5:30 to get a 6am start to a very fun road trip. I am so thankful to have amazing support from my husband, I am certain it is not what he would have chosen to do on a sweltering hot Friday, but I am grateful for his support, help, hauling and chauffer services. Both he and my daughter were so patient, in fact they were super help digging for treasure too!

There were approximately 1200 antique booths and 400 vendors that take over this small Minnesota town. We arrived around 9 am and left at about 4:00 pm after a day of endurance and treasure hunting. I am prettys sure I didn’t even hit half of the vendors! Next year I will need more than one day there!

This is a photo of a new display that we bought. We decided it would be pretty cool to add height to my display and hang my jewelry from it. It did not fit in our vehicle… so here is a photo of Kya helping on top of the truck!

Here is a photo of not even half of my loot. My hands are itching to create!

I was able to create all the way there and all the way home too, so pretty close to 6 hours of creating added to the joy of my day. I was contemplating going alone, but am so thankful for Tom and Kya. Kya actually discovered one of my very favorite finds. I made a necklace out of it right away!

And then I paired it with one of my favorite keys that I found… can you “I Spy” it in my loot? Here they are together.

I will post more photos of some of my other creations and finds very soon!

Have an amazing day! Kris


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4 responses to “Treasure Hunting!

  1. Glad you got to experience the Gold Rush Days of Oronoco. Two years ago I stayed for 3 days and camped in the campground with a bunch of girlfriends in 100 degree weather. Hot, sweaty, hungry and tired, but exhilerating when you combine it with junking and treasure hunting.

  2. Hi Kris, came to say hello from flying lessons! Your Jewels are beautiful! This trip looks like it was so much fun! Happy Flying! Shae xo

  3. Hi Gretchen! Oh My Gosh, I realize I forgot to tell where we went! LOL, yes it was Oronoco! I would have loved to stay for a few days, however I am kind of a hotel camper! Sounds like Great Memories with friends! Happy Creating!!

  4. Hi Shae,
    Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your compliment!! Happy Flying to you too!!! Such an amazing learning experience! Ditto on the XO!

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