The Coffee Wins

As dawn breaks, my thoughts wander as I lay in bed postponing the inevitable. The temptation grows as I know it is by my hand that will flip the necessary switch to brew me my morning sunshine in a cup… I am torn between the warm happiness of my snuggly bed and the aroma of fresh brewed coffee calling my name.

I have been lying here awake reading email and exploring my flying lessons course for an hour. I have already had a silly assault by our new family member, Putter. He loves my bracelets as they dangle and jingle on my wrists…he pounces and tries to gnaw on them! It’s quite a funny site!

Last night I received the photos for my Demdaco line to approve… It was a little harder than I thought, I wanted to touch the samples, feel the wire and feel the quality of workmanship. The jewelry line was fast tracked to be released in cycle 4 of this year, so I have little time to reflect on the designs and not much opportunity to tweak them! It is kind of hard to let go, yet I am incredibly excited about the future.

The clock is ticking…

The coffee wins…

I am finally dragging myself out of bed! Hello world, you will be much more beautiful after my morning sunshine!

Have an amazing day! Kris Lanae

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