Freedom to Fail

Good Morning World!

As I lay here in bed at 3:30 in the morning on a Friday morning, my mind starts wandering, spinning similar to my physical tossing and turning. I briefly ponder so many areas of life and art and while my mind races through multiple random thoughts I try to focus on one thought that continues to pull at my soul… Thoughts of failure.

Just typing it seems a bit negative and if you read my last post, I am working on becoming a possibilitarian!!! But I realized that rather than allowing my mind to continue to flop back to my fears, I am going to give myself permission to dwell on my fears for a moment.

Today I have decided to allow myself the Freedom to Fail! I think that is a significant part of the journey and I am pretty certain that we all have thoughts that weigh us down… It kind of brings you back to the quote, “what would you do if you know you would not fail?”

Why risk the possibilities of the future by allowing fear to get in the way?

I have been allowing my fears to stop me in my tracks! Do you know that I have had “submit jewelry photos to magazines” on my to do list and repeatedly I let deadlines pass me by with the excuse that I just don’t have enough time! This morning, I am realizing that the world will not end if they do not want to publish photos of my jewelry! Really, what do I have to lose? I am going to get on that goal this week!

What are you going to do this week that you have been wanting to do? Let’s do it together! Let’s allow ourselves freedom to fail and open ourselves up to amazing possibilities! Let me know what happens! πŸ™‚ you can do it!

Kris Lanae


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10 responses to “Freedom to Fail

  1. Hi, I am a fellow “flyer” from Kelly Rae’s e-course. First of all I love your designs! And your post about giving ourself permission to fail just hit the spot for me today…I often feel so driven to succeed that I sort of expect my art to turn out perfect every time, which of course isn’t fair to myself. Reading your post made me relax and take a deep breath. Today I will give myself a break. Thank you.

  2. Kris
    Great post! I am in the e class with you. I think it is not so much in Failure as it is in good solid time management.
    I don’t think about failure I am a procrastinator. The fear I contain I have other tools I use for that demon. I can relate to the toss and turning mental jumping jacks!!!
    Together we can do this..

  3. awesome! i’m really bad about making to do lists and not doing them. so i’m going to try to actually do my to do’s! i really love love your jewelry! it is so creative and i’ve never seen anything like it! awesome and inspiring post πŸ™‚

  4. Ann, I am so thankful that my blog post helped you today! I am excited to know that you are allowing yourself to relax! Can’t wait to explore your blog! Best of luck! Kris

  5. Kim,

    Ohhhh I have a bit of procrastination too!!! It is so easy to put things off isn’t it? Let’s work on it together!!! You are right we can make it happen!

  6. Thank you so much for your compliments!!! Sometimes it is hard to accomplish anything, let alone something on our todo list!!! Tiny steps right? Best of luck!!! Have fun! Kris

  7. Skye

    Hello fellow flier. Too true about freedom to fail… sometimes magic happens when you try something and make a mistake and viola! Something emerges – a happy accident!!
    A friend told me a quote from someone famous….can’t remember the name (how bad is that) and they were asked when does inspiration strike? and he replied “Every morning at 9.30!”

  8. Skye,
    Gosh, that is so true!!! Sometimes I make a mistake with jewelry and it leads me in a whole new direction!! Love the quote! Happy Flying!!! Have an awesome day! Kris

  9. That necklace is absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Thank you Katherine!!! You are too kind!!! πŸ™‚ I appreciate your compliments!

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