Becoming a Possibilitarian…

Feeling REFRESHED! We had  fun filled weekend at our friends cabin… Tubing down the river… the kids ran, played, fished and swam! I got some much needed sleep and relaxation! I love my friends and treasure time spent with my family and our new kitty. Here is a new pendant that I made with a vintage shoe clip… The shoe clip is fabulous… velevet trimmed with bling and intricate design… I wired it and created a pendant out of it.

Today I am feeling excited and READY to TAKE OFF

and fly… on a new course… an ecourse! With fellow Demdaco Artist  Kelly Rae Roberts… you can find out more here. And be sure to check out her amazing art here. She is so talented!

The course started yesterday…

I am looking forward to learning, growing and networking with other artists and I am going to

It is going to be so much fun!

I hope your week is filled with Possiblity! Have a funtastic day!



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4 responses to “Becoming a Possibilitarian…

  1. HI I am taking the ecourse too! I am super excited! I think you should stick with your current name and just add by you to it…anyway I am in love with the pendant you made! It is so original and refreshing! I can’t wait to check out more of your work! Have an awesome day!

  2. Hi Mrs. Miller!! I truly appreciate your feedback! That is really what I would like to do, vs. start over! Love your blog and your originality! Fun stuff! Thanks for the compliment on the pendant! Have an awesome day! Kris

  3. Hi Kris,

    Got your message about a blog swap–I wasn’t sure where to reply, but I think it would be a great idea for sure! Again, I’m not an expert either so let’s ask a few others and we can set it up (maybe they’ve had more experience than I have).

    Thanks for including me:)


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