Glorious Summer Days

The past few days have been such a joyful mix of fun times with friends, family and community… A great turnout at the local craft show (outdoors I might add- sweltering heat, but terrific fellowship!). My best compliment of the show was a visitor from Texas who works for Michael’s Craft Store telling me that my jewelry is right on trend with the mixed media and look! What a cool compliment for a girl in Cold Spring, MN… To be with the trends!

The return of two of my kids from camp! My daughter’s comment, “Mom, I barely had time to think about you I had so much fun!”. That was music to my ears, I was a little worried that she would get sad toward the end of the week!

My son Sawyer made it to the semi finals for the state fair! So exciting! He performs on September 1st! He was also asked twice this week to sing the National anthem for the RiverBats!

And we added a new family member! Putter, our new black kitty. He was delivered without prior notice by our friends Monica, Maisy & Miles! He is so incredibly adorable!

Keegan and Putter!

He was named Putter for two reasons, he was abandoned on the Golf Course and his little legs make him look like he is putting around our house!

Kya and Putter

Sawyer & Putter

Great news from the vet!!! It’s a Boy & he is in good health although a little undernourished! He is a great addition to our family!

Hope you are enjoying your summer days! Kris


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2 responses to “Glorious Summer Days

  1. I absolutely LOVED your jewelry creations!! They are so different and fun and funky. Gosh – I’m gonna have to save you on my etsy favorites. 🙂 Happy Flying Lessons! :))))

  2. Thanks so much Melanie!! I just checked out your blog too and your art is amazing! Thanks so much for the compliments… I do confess that I do not list many of my one of a kind jewelry items that I post on my blog at etsy… because it is so time consuming! So my etsy shop is still stocked with items that I can recreate and customize for people. Just thought I should explain! Thanks so much! Happy Flying! 🙂 Kris

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