Blown Away! Feeling Blessed!

I admit, I am not sure where to begin today… I guess I will have to begin with the phone call I received today. It blew me away, in an amazing way.

I guess I should bring you up to speed first… Last week I received the first photos of my line for Demdaco…

The buy is complete. This means that they decided on the items that they wanted to be included in the line and they have made the buy! The line has fluctuated and the last I heard was that it was supposed to be 24 sku’s (items). We had 38 samples being created at the manufacturer to see how they replicated my jewelry. I was anticipating the line to be reduced to 24 pieces. They displayed the items for their sales force and Angela told me that my line was a huge hit! Amazingly, I found out last week that they bought all 38 pieces! Yahooooooo! I saw the first photos and have to tell you, it amazes me how well the manufacture replicated my work! Now… I was flying high last week after such fantastic news!

My phone call today was even more exciting… I am still pinching myself. Demdaco is so excited about my line and the sales reps are so eager to start selling my jewelry, that they are pulling my line out of the January coastal collection, they are giving me my own collection and it will be released in a few short weeks!!!! Wahoooooooooooo! Can you hear me squealing and doing my happy dance? It is so incredible to me! It will be a Cycle 4 release which I believe is in SEPTEMBER!

I have to admit, I am having trouble breathing through the excitement! I feel so incredibly blessed to be working with such an amazing company! I wish you could see the photos, but Mum is still the word! No sneak peeks, but you will get to see them sooner than we thought! WOW!

Creating jewelry is my passion and something that I would do regardless if people liked my work… but it sure is an AMAZING feeling to have people fall in love with your work.

Here are a few photos of recent jewelry I have created… No they are not Demdaco items. 🙂  The necklace below has fun vintage elements and I wired and wired all of the pieces together. This one took me about 3 hours. 🙂

This necklace and earring set are for an order for North Carolina. I hope she loves them!

It has been a terrific summer so far! Baseball and softball are now done for the summer! Kya and Keegan are still in hockey and Sawyer has one more day of tennis. Two of my kids are currently away for a week at camp! Missing them huge!

Sawyer remains at home with us because he has entered into a couple of talent shows this year. He auditioned for the MN State Fair Talent Show last Thursday. Tomorrow night he is in the Stearns County Fair Karaoke Talent Show.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of Sawyer. At age 11, he has walked into the middle of a baseball field to sing the National Anthem a capella for the River Bats (three times this year!) and also at Relay for Life. He was honored to sing with the St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra as requested by the Mayor for the opening celebration of St. Cloud’s Festival and he gets up on stage without being nervous! After his performance, he was asked by the Mayor to sing at the 10th Anniversary Memorial of 911 in St. Cloud. What a huge compliment.

I am one proud Mom!  Here is a link to his audition for the state fair talent show. He sang Amazing Grace which he learned in about 10 days.


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5 responses to “Blown Away! Feeling Blessed!

  1. Now THAT was a fun post to read! Congratulations Kris! I am so excited for you and I am excited to see your products! You deserve this!

  2. Thanks Nathan!!! Still feels like a dream! Such Craziness!!! Hope all is well with you and your family! 🙂

  3. Nikki Kann

    HI Kris! I’m also taking Flying Lessons with Kelly Rae and found you there. I wanted to tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your chunky-swirly pendant and earrings. Are they for sale? I didn’t see them in your etsy shop. If so, what is your price? AND my next CRAZY question is: would you be able to make them in purple??? Purple is my signature color. 🙂 (PS – I still haven’t created my blog- but I am working on it!!) Best of luck with your jewelry!

  4. Hi Nikki!

    Thank you so much for the compliments. I would be happy to make you your wons set of the chunky swirly pendant and earrings. I will email you the details! Thanks so much! Take your blog one step at a time! I think you will find it easier than you think! My husband loves to say… how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time! How do you create a blog? One word at a time! LOL! Good luck and have fun with it! I will send you an emai! Have a great day! Kris

  5. Rae

    Kris, I have had so much fun hopping around your site tonight. Your story is so inspiring!

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