Wet Feet & Summer Days

I knew it was raining today. I probably should have put more thought into my foot attire. 🙂

I guess you can’t see the puddle I was standing in due to the camera angle. My toesies are still wet though. kind of reminds me of being a kid again though. I was tempted to jump, only for a second & my sister wasn’t standing by me to splash (and believe me, I owe her big!) so the childish thought passed me by.

After celebrating my birthday recently, I have had a lot of random thoughts about my age. Why is it that I still feel about 25 in my soul? I rarely go through life with a conscious thought of my age. Why is it that after celebrating my highest number yet, it has been on my mind so much more? Hmmmmmmm

I certainly don’t want to go backwards in time, I absolutely love the 18 years (19 if you count dating) that I have spent with my amazing, supportive and selfless husband. I adore the ages of my kids (10, 11, & 13 ((there are about 4 months of the year that I have to think about their ages… Pretty soon it will be 11, 12 & 13 and it will be smooth sailing! Great news for the dementia setting in!)) )

We have had an amazing summer so far, I am sorry, I have been a naughty blogger.

As summer sports start to slow down, I will do a better job of getting back into my routine! I promise!

This cute little bird flew off to Marishka’s Shoppe in St. Cloud. I wonder where she’ll build her nest?

I hope you enjoy your summer day, be mindful of your footwear! LOL 🙂 Kris

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  1. you should have jumped!!! and splatted huge!!! you KNOW I would have. LOVE the necklaces!!!

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