Pinch Me: My Very Own Artist Bio!!!

On a normal day, I check my email… Oh about a hundred times a day. I know, addicted. I’ll work on that!

My phone lately, has been the bearer of good news lately. Yesterday, the fun whimsical store in Park Rapids “What Not” called and they are almost out of my jewelry and need me to restock. πŸ™‚ Yahoo, can’t tell you what an honor that is!

This morning, I get a call from Ryan from The RiverBats baseball organization. He asked if Sawyer was available to sing the National Anthem! TONIGHT! He is so excited! Wahoooo!

Today, I checked my email… And I received an email that is a forward from Ryan with the subject New Artist Bio… And I thought…”Cool, they need info on Sawyer for tonight”

When I opened the email up, I realized it was from Demdaco!!! WOW! It was a heartstopper! They are requesting my Artist Bio! I have to admit that I kind of choked up! I think it is the first time in the whole process that it hit me that not only is it a dream, but it is a reslity!!! “My work is going to be sold Nationwide!”

Can someone please pinch me?

Huh? AN ARTIST BIO???? jeesh that might be the hardest work of all… What to say, what to say? And I need to get a photograph! Ugh! πŸ™‚ Will a phot from 1993 work? Lol

(this is a necklace I made last week… A bit whimsical, might be one if my fav’s!)

I also received an update recently from Demdaco…

They received the samples replicated from my jewelry. They were overjoyed with the work and were thankful that there were tags on my originals because in her words “they nailed it!” and you couldn’t tell them apart! The manufacturer they are using also manufactures the jewelry for Big Sky Carvers (a company owned by Demdaco) ( click on big sky silver…awesome jewelry!)

Demdaco will be reviewing the samples in the next two weeks and will be making the final buy. At that point I get to review the samples and approve. My line will be an immediate ship line (soooooo coooooool!) meaning, in January when it is released to the wholesale market, the jewelry will ship immediately and be sold nationwide right away!?! A bonus of that is that, my royalties will start right away too! Can’t argue with that! Hope it sells! And she said the line is going to be priced very reasonably!

I truly have tears of thanks, honor, amazement! I am so thankful for all of my amazing family, friends and clients for supporting my art & my dreams! You guys are amazing!!!

πŸ™‚ thanks & have a great day! Kris


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6 responses to “Pinch Me: My Very Own Artist Bio!!!

  1. Congratulations Kris on all of your recent electronic good news. Just think if we still had to wait for again mail for all of th ose dreams that came true for you this week ?
    As a fellow Artisan, I know you had a lot of sweat and tears that have gotten into your success. Tenacity, hard work and creativity along with a huge amount of support and love from family has made your dreams a reality.
    Much success to your future .

  2. beachdreaming

    Hey Kris! okay, first – you are super super talented and I am honored to know you!!! what a great gift. You rock!!!!!
    and second, this freaks me out because just yesterday, I was t the university searching on demdeco trying to show my friend your line, (I didn’t know when it would be out, or how it actually happens – the process) that is such a weird thing to now read this today! eeeeeeeeeks.

    I am super super excited for you!!!!

  3. Ahhhh….You are an amazing artist! I’m so happy and proud of you Kris! You deserve to have your beautiful creations out there for the world to see! Congratulations on all of your blessings! Love you girl!

  4. Hi Everyone!!! I am sorry for the delay in replying!!! For some reason I can’t seem to comment from my phone!
    Gretchen! Thank you so much for your comments and support! I love your work and appreciate the support of a fellow artisian!! All my best to you!
    Miss Kait! That is a weird coincidence… Crazy!!! Look for my line to debut in Jan 2012… not sure how long after that it will be on the website!!! You are too sweet and too kind! We miss you and hope you visit us soon!
    Mary… Thanks so much for your kind words! I am lucky to be your freind and excited for your success too!
    Thanks to all of you! Hugs, Kris

  5. Wow – congrats to you!! How exciting! I wish you tons of success!!!

  6. Thank you so much Stacey!!! πŸ™‚ I love your work and your display at your show was beautiful!! Great jewelry and love your style! πŸ™‚ Kris

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