Wake Up Sleepy Head!

We… Scratch that… I

overslept a little today and woke up to the most amazing sight… More snow! What a gift.

You might wonder why I consider more snow on April 20th a gift when we have had an abundance of snow this year…

Well, I have been kicking myself for not taking a photo of my kids this year with some of the beautiful frosted snow covered trees that we have had!

Well, today I made myself even later for work and captured the moment!

Keegan (12), Kya (10), Sawyer (11)

My kids noticed that they were wearing primary colors (technically a bit of a stretch), but I love this photo and it was worth it to be late for work!

So I am thankful for the gift of snow today… Although I am ready for spring!

I had exciting news from Silvestri/Demdaco yesterday! They are loving my jewelry… (pinch me!!!)

A few months ago based on nationwide sales for holiday lines they had eliminated the holiday/gift portion of my line. Based on the samples that I sent last week, they have decided to add bottle stoppers (for wine bottles) and the angels and crowns into the line! I am so excited and am scrambling to put more items together for the line that will be released in January 2012!

On top of that, I am extremely excited to have a spring concept board added for a potential spring 2012 line featuring the hand wired flower jewelry and some other spring jewelry I have created! I feel amazingly blessed!

Hope you have an incredibly blessed Easter!

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