A Happy Go-Lucky Day!

It’s the start of a beautiful day and I am choosing to be Happy Go-lucky!

What does that mean? I made a conscious choice to not let the driver who sped up to nudge in front of me when 2 lanes merged to one, frustrate me (dear driver, I was slowing down to let you in because I did see you coming! I am always happy to let you race-cars in front of me! I used to think I was a race-car driver too.) I really don’t want to hold you back from getting to where you are getting to! Driving on my merry way, I came upon a string of vehicles, and there before me is my race-car driver. The steam coming from his ears was visible from 3 car lengths back! I do confess that I giggled out loud, not because I wished him late, but it struck me as incredibly funny! In that moment I realized how much my life has changed over the years, I believe we get what we give, and I choose to give Happy! I choose to yield, enjoy and give happy!

I created this necklace as a birthday gift for my friend Shelley who celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with everything that she has!

In fact, I saw her Irish Clan on the front page of the paper!

May your days be filled with Happy Go-Lucky Moments! Kris

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  1. Love the story and the necklace!

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