Wow! Eye have been absent!

Gosh, I am so sorry!

for days…  (I know, sick humor… but that’s me!)

I am sorry I have been absent!

         6 more days until hockey

                and Oliver all come to a screeching halt.

I have some terrific shots of Sawyer in costume.

      I will share soon!

It will be so nice to be home after work and enjoy quiet evenings with my family again! (at least until baseball starts!)

I do have an update on my licensing with Silvestri/Demdaco.

They currently have my jewelry at some of their manufacturers trying to find the best manufacturer who can replicate my jewelry with the most integrity.

My line will be changing a little…

(I was warned in the beginning to expect changes, so thankful I was prepared!)

Based on feedback from the most recent gift markets, they have decided to eliminate the Christmas part of the line and focus on the gift and jewelry segments… which means more jewelry! Yay! I am a jewelry junkie anyway! So I am excited to see where this journey leads!

“Eye” am learning a lot and am so thankful for the experience! 🙂

I am participating in a warm fuzzies blog hop… will post more about that soon!

I hope you are looking forward to spring! Happy March!

🙂 Kris


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2 responses to “Wow! Eye have been absent!

  1. excited to meet another demdaco artist! hope to get to meet you at the gift show in Jan!

  2. Claudine! That would be terrific! I look forward to it! Thanks!

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