To Go OverBOARD or Not?

It was the Championship game.

                 The score was 3-0 and our team was ahead.

      Third period, 5 and a half minutes remaining in the game.

               This group of kids worked their little butts off all weekend.

The game felt like a World Championship game to a group of 11 and 12 year olds.

As a side note, I might be known for being a little overBOARD as a Mom.

I am sure there is some psychological ramifications having to do with years of  infertility, middle child syndrome or something else dark and hidden… 🙂 Maybe I am normal and all Mom’s  are like me on the inside and my impulsiveness is not quite under control.

Wherever it stems from, there is nothing like the horror of seeing your child take a cheap boarding shot against the boards in hockey and not get up. 

I vaguely heard my Hockey Mom friends say… “You should stay here.”   

           My arms evaded their grasps…

“I just have to peek” 

There was no restraining me as I ran down the bleachers to the boards of the rink.

I peeked my head over the boards with my face pressed against the glass of the rink…

I see the baby blues of my 12 year old son peering up at me.

Thank Goodness!!!”

I think that’s what stopped me from climbing over the glass.

My desire to NOT embarass him was only a teeny bit stronger than my desire to hold him in my arms to make sure he was okay. 

     Reality hit me at that moment and I inched away from the glass as my husband (who coaches) helped him to his skates. (Surprisingly even my husband didn’t give me a dirty look – not that he is prone to them… but I knew I probably shouldn’t have my face smushed against the glass!!!)

I sheepishly took a seat toward the bottom seats. From that moment I sat… awestruck as the coaches from the other team angrily chewed out the ref for not calling the penalty until they found out that my son was hurt. Maybe his reaction time was a bit slow, but…

REALLY? Anyone in their right mind could tell that it was a cheap shot and the penalty was deserved.

They proceeded to argue heatedly until one of the coaches was expelled from the game. The 5 minute penalty stuck and the kids scored one more goal on the penalty play ending the game at 4-0 and winning the Championship Game!

Keegan was able to play the rest of the game and ended the day a bit bruised and battered, but still in one piece. Winning the Championship was a terrific distraction!

Keegan (#7) accepting his tropy!

Great Smile!

Hudson accepting his trophy! Way to go Hudson!!!

Keegan, Grant and Sam… showcasing the tournament board with River Lakes Stars as Champions!

What a fun weekend! Great group of kids! Fun times and great memories!

Hope you had a great weekend and that your week is everything that you want it to be! 🙂 Kris

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