A Glimpse Through My Windshield…

I spend a lot of time in my vehicle…



driving to work

driving home from work

running errands

driving to boys choir

driving to hockey

driving to more hockey

driving to school, sometimes twice in one day.

hauling jewelry

time with my family

in the past week… I have a small glimpse of the beauty that I see on a daily basis.


only captions added…

on this day, I wanted to capture the incredible beauty of the sparkles glittering in the snow…

I could not capture them for you. Apparently is was for my eyes only. I wish you could have been there…

at 6:30 in the peaceful morning.

it was a glitter dusted world that morning.

thank you beautiful world for sharing your bling with me.

I am not sure that you are going to believe me, but this is not a filter. The window to my world was filled with droplets…

such beauty… thankful I could capture it to show you.

So thankful I resisted my temptation to flip the wipers on and wipe it away before I captured the beauty.

We have had some amazingly frosty mornings… I love it when Jack gets up before I do and paints the landscape of the world.

I wish he used permanent ink…

I do love your work Jack Frost! You are amazing!

May your life be filled with beauty today!


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