X-Rays… Inspire ~ Imagine ~ Dream

Over the years, our family has had so many X-rays… I used to dread them…

Do you remember the baby x-rays? Have you ever had to put your child through that horror?

All three of my children had the infant X-rays where they had to strap their little bodies into the contraption while they lay in that thing looking at you screaming… tears streaming, all of us… boy. I remember it like it was yesterday. It felt like you were causing permanent trauma to your children.

Keegan had croup and both Kya and Sawyer had RSV…

Kya had to go through the barium x-ray procedure where they strapped her to a board and she drank barium from her baby bottle. Kya was hospitalized 6 times in the first year of her life. She had RSV, pyloric stenosis, crypto sporidium, rhotovirus, was allergic to soy, milk and all over the counter baby formula, she developed food aversion and had asthma, but today is as healthy as a horse!

 Sawyer was a preemie and did an amazing job of catching up to the rest of the kids in his age group. He had RSV but no long-lasting effects… Other than a funky crawl and some orthotics, he developed quickly and was very healthy.

 Keegan has had more x-rays by the age of 12  than I have had in my lifetime. Keegan has MHE (bumpy bones and has had two surgeries) yet he plays hockey, football and baseball. I am in awe of his pain tolerance.

Here he is when he was about 8 years old. Baby blues… not looking too happy!


We are so thankful for X-ray technology!

I created some funky images with an xray technique on a photo app on my phone… as I started typing and I started to digress! Someday, I will have to tell you all of the gory details of our extremely crazy past, but for now, let’s finish with a happier mood! 

What inspires you? What get’s your mojo going?

When you are working on an important project, can you imagine it? Can you visualize it or do you have to bring it into existence to find out what it was supposed to be?

Do you Dream of the future? Do you create a clear vision of your future or is it a bit foggy??

May you have X-ray vision to bring your dreams to reality! Have a fantastic day!


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