Stuck in a Rut!

    I confess…

        I am stuck in a Rut!

   I am not complaining.

I did it to myself…

      It’s only been a few years…

  Well a little longer than that,

    I guess it’s more than 20!

I try buying other colors… 

they stay in

    my closet!


I am happy when I wear black!

It makes me feel good

                          and thinner!

                                          A new black shirt brings me joy!

And you should see my new jacket I got for Christmas from My family!

It is awesome!

It’s a Merrell




Jacket. It is warm but lightweight!

I love how it fits me!

And I love

  the color!!

It’s a great hockey jacket!

and my new boots that I got for myself for Tom’s Birthday…

I know, right! It sounds selfish, but I asked him

                                       what he wanted for his birthday

                                                                             and he said

why don’t you get yourself a new pair of boots for my birthday.

Well, you don’t have to ask me twice! No sir!

They are






rated for 20 degrees below zero

by the US Ski Team!

They make my feet so happy!

I know, my husband rocks!

and I know, they are black too!!!

                   I do actually wear

                                            blue jeans! 

I hope you didn’t just fall off your chair!

                           My most recent pair was from Cabi…

Okay, well when you post it,

they look

kind of black,

but they

really are dark,

dark blue.

I am okay

with blue jeans… Is that wrong somehow?

Our family knows I like black.

                      As a joke, I was opening a present from my sister and family.

I could tell it was clothing.

The following words just slipped out of my mouth!

It sounds kinda rude, but it was pretty hilarious!

Kya picked up on it right away.

It was repeated a few times over the course of Christmas Eve.

                       I might not be such a



 do what I say, not what I do!

Truly I do!

I do have a tendancy to buy dark clothes for my kids though!

Well they just don’t show the dirt as much!

 In the end…

I hope you do what makes you happy, even if you are stuck in a rut!

Maybe you are meant to be there?


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