Wrapping it Up… I’m a Bag Lady This Year!

I love the hustle and bustle of the holidays… for some reason the holiday prep time passed even more quickly than usual… I keep joking with my friends who know me very well, I guess I should probably start Christmas Shopping now! Some of them look at me to see if I am really serious (because in all reality, it would not shock them! LOL)

Actually there have been years where I have started this late!! Thankfully not this year!

Actually, I am in better shape that I have been in a long time, however there are only a couple of days before Christmas, so I do have an overwhelming amount of wrapping to do. My kids are a fantastic help, but I have decided to be a bag lady! I bought a ton of krafty bags with some cute holiday vintage looking ornaments, ribbon and tissue and I will be lovingly plopping them in bags this year! I will be shaving hours off my wrapping time! Yahooo! and most of those hours would be during the wee hours of the morning while my kidlets are asleep, so more zzz’s for me!

So I now proclaim… I am a bag lady and I am proud of it!

Hope you have fun wrappin’ it all up!!! Don’t be afraid to join the bag lady bandwagon!!! Kris

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