Blog Giveaway

I am having another blog giveaway! I am so excited to give away the crown that I made by hand for Silver Bella.

I will post more info on Monday on how to participate. (it is the same as last time…) I just can’t access my computer to post the detail.

And don’t you love this dresser that my amazing sister created for my display.

I am so thankful for my sister and friend Tracy who helped me so much at Silver Bella!

Hope you have had an amazing weekend. Kris


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2 responses to “Blog Giveaway

  1. A. you are biased
    B. we should have closed the drawers right
    C. the truth is, we would do anything for you, you are an amazing person, so purely giving and loving, and creative, and we want to shout to the world, “You must meet her!!! You must see her talent!!!!”


  2. My dearest sister… And YOU are not biased…
    oops on the drawers… I didn’t even notice… and this time you are right!!! but only this time!
    You are more giving, loving, creative and amazing… so thankful for you, where would I be without you promoting and encouraging me?
    Love you! Kris

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