A Fun Filled Weekend!

Wow, last week was a doosie! I am so thankful for weekends like this one, at a much slower pace. I have had two nights of decent sleep in a row! (decent sleep is defined as 6 or more hours in a row!) Sleeping in the thumbs up position is not all it is cracked up to be (pun intended! Ha)! My internal alarm clock keeps waking me at 5am, but I do feel so much better with solid sleep!

I have so much more empathy for my son Keegan who wore a cast for three months and a brace after that! It’s only been 9 days and I really miss my thumb! It was obviously a much needed lesson on thumb appreciation!

Yesterday was a productive day for me! So excited to have created jewelry for hours yesterday!

I downloaded a Photoshop app for my iPhone yesterday! I love it!

Don’tchajustlove this? It was so easy!

And this is my little chickie… Kya and Sawyer worked on this piece of art. They took a gazillion (okay, maybe it wasn’t a gazillion, but it was ALOT!) marbles and started placing them one by one on a square of our tile floor. They had to take a break for a while to go to open ice skating. This happens to be on our kitchen floor in front of the silverware drawer. They placed stools on either side like road construction barriers. It was so creative and they had so much fun, I didn’t mind the obstacle course in my kitchen! Bummed that I didn’t get a pic of Sawyer with it though!

AND MY MOST EXCITING DISCOVERY OF THE DAY SO FAR: How to post multiple photos in my blog from my email! Well it is only 6 am and I am sure there will be additional discoveries, especially since I am meeting my new friend Julia and heading to the twin cities bead bazaar!

Have a funtastic day! Kris


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2 responses to “A Fun Filled Weekend!

  1. Jan

    OMG, I wish you hadn’t mentioned the Twin Cities Bead Bazaar!! I had such good intentions of cleaning my studio. lol Hope you find some goodies.

  2. Jan, were you able to sneak out to the Bazaar?

    Aren’t studios supposed to have creative chaos? hee hee! Hope you had a great weekend! Kris

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