Workin’ On A Chain Gang…

So creating my funky chunky chains were a bit challenging with my impossible thumb so my dearest husband was kind enough to measure, cut, attach the clasps, and help put the completed pendants on chains for me on Friday. As he is working away, singing to some great oldies… we had to laugh out loud… Workin’ on a Chain Gang Song comes on…

That’s the sound of the men
They are working on the chain gang, huh
That’s the sound of the men
They are working on the chain gang
That’s the sound of the men
When they’re working on the chain gang

All day long you hear them, pooh
I’m going home, just one of these ole days
Man, i’m going home to see my woman
For my love’s so dear
But that means why
I gotta work right here now, huh

It just seemed so funny! and here is his work (not sure why I didn’t snap a pic of him! I will next time!(next time he says!))

He actually cut about 300 feet of funky chunky chain for me… whataguy! Just gotta love him! I am thinkin’ this thumb thing is going to last quite a while, don’t you think?? He also scrubbed the floor, on hands and knees with a bristle brush! Isn’t he amazing?

So I took quite a few photos as he was pampering me… with my sore thumb, I will work on showing them over the next couple of days.

A couple of floral themed necklaces with wire floral effect created by me… I love the focal bead… the blue is intense and joyful.

And a cancer awareness ribbon funky chunky necklace. My Mom discovered she had cancer in March, 2009. She has finished her treatment and is doing great now. – All of my grandparents have had cancer. Finding a cure for cancer is very important to our family. This necklace just kind of happened, I added the pink beads because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

I am in love with the hearts made out of coke bottle bottoms… I love that they are repurposed, recycled and I love the dark wire and the funky chunky chain with them.

Bottoms Up! Hope you have a wonderful day! Kris

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