Thumbs Up (or down?)

So remember how I tripped on my printer cord? Well, it is almost two weeks since I tripped and my hand still hurts like a son of a gun. Since it is my jewelry hand and my production has definitely slowed down, I finally decided to get it checked out. Apparently a cat scan is the best choice, but since I am not up for paying $1000, we went with the x-ray. The doctor is pretty sure a bone is broken in my hand… (thank goodness for dragon dictation!) So I am now in a splint with my thumb immobilized! See above pic… couldn’t get the whole image of my arm, but it goes to my elbow.

So I am crumbling inside thinking I have a ton of jewelry shows scheduled, money invested… how am I going to make jewelry!!! After about an hour of fretting… (yes, really fretting!) I decided to try to make something!

Can you imagine my relief! Okay, it took me twice as long and it was a bit awkward, but I am so thankful that i can still create!

Whew, what a relief! Creating is my therapy and I might need to be medicated if I can’t create!

Strangely, my hand feels a sense of relief being immobilized, yet seems to hurt a little more! Weird, I know!

I am just so gol’ darn thankful that I can still create!

Looking forward to the Women’s Showcase this weekend in St. Cloud! Hope to see you there!

🙂 Kris


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4 responses to “Thumbs Up (or down?)

  1. Jan Bush-Wood

    Please tell me more about the show in St Cloud. I live in Elk River. Have never been to a show in St Cloud. I would feel the same way you do. I’m so happy you managed to still create.

  2. Hi Jan!
    The Women’s Showcase is always a fun day! Great entertainment, great vendors.., Here is the link: Thanks for the comment! Hope you can make it, Elk River is a hop, skip and a jump!

  3. Tracy

    Oh my- where have I been….. I didn’t know you hurt yourself…. I even saw you at Karlene’s and I didn’t see your hand…I am SO SO SORRY!!! Please forgive me…

  4. Tracy, you are so sweet! I actually camoflaged it in black, so it blends in more! Happy to know it worked! 🙂 I’ll be fine! Jewelry production is a little slower, but still steady! Excited about going with you to Silver Bella!

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