Joyful Fall Days…

Wow, the weather in Central Minnesota has been amazing this week. We almost hit 80 degrees the other day. The colors have been amazing. Tom and I enjoyed a beautiful drive to Minneapolis to meet with some amazing women in a special studio that felt like home. (More on that in a month or two! Sorry, hope you can wait! I am giddy by the honor, but not ready to let the cat of the bag, because the future is still only a possibility!) We then drove to Stillwater to meet with Tonya Fricke of Restore At Home, who is now carrying a great selection of my jewelry.  She has a beautiful store on the main street in Stillwater. Terrific location, beautiful variety of home decor and gift items… Hope you can stop in and visit her, Stillwater is such a beautiful place to visit. It was so much fun spending the day with my husband. After 17 years, I love every moment I get to spend with him. I have to admit, most of our moments go by in a blur…  in passing while we are running our three children (almost 10, 11 & 12) to hockey, St. John’s Boys Choir, football, choir, girl scouts and play dates! Friday is a day that I will treasure for a long time, one of those times that will be cemented in my memory… so filled with potential for the future. So thankful!

This necklace started as I was creating a base for a different necklace. It had a totally different look and it morphed into something totally different than I originally planned. That happens often! The swirly curling wire wrapped around the pear shaped base with a few glistening crystals… simple yet ornate. Swirls of Blue ($49 free shipping) available by emailing me or commenting and we can connect!

I hope you had the best weekend ever and your Monday is filled with sunshine and smiles! Kris

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