Printer Cables Do NOT Make Good Ankle Bracelets

My tip of the week is do not wear your printer cable! I didn’t intend to wear it. I was working from home on Friday when Tom asked if we had highlighters… I quickly got up off of my chair because I didn’t want to disrupt my flow… I took a few quick steps and SMACK!!!! I hit the floor like a ton of bricks! Tom came running… My next tip of the day, don’t catch your fall with your thumb! I know… what was I thinking? So I feel like I was hit by a truck! My body is better today, but boy does that thumb and wrist hurt! Time to toughen up and move forward!

Yesterday was a hectic day… a peek? Sure!

Up at 5:30 am, off to work at 6:30 am, work all day…  kids had school, homework, Keegan football after school, Sawyer Boy’s choir, Kya hockey, then Keegan hockey& Tom volleyball. Thank goodness for friends and carpools because sometimes, I think we need 3 parents for 3 children! Just a bit of time to create jewelry in between all of the running and falling exhausted to bed.

It is an exciting week… a lot of things in the works!

Trying to get as much creation time as possible before the Women’s Showcase on October 16 and Silver Bella on November 12!

This vintage brooch is amazing. It seems very old and was worn with a lot of love… You can tell it has been worn hundreds of times. I bet someone received it as a gift, it is so beautiful. I created a spiral wire base because this brooch had a hole in the center. I wrapped, bended and arranged the wire with lots of love and care to protect and secure this look. It has kind of a cool scalloped effect. It can be worn long or short, but I have it on an 18″ Funky Chunky Chain. ($98)

Hope you are having a perfectly great week and keep those ankles away from the printer cables!


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