Creative Juices Were Flowing…

Had a fabulous weekend at the Grape Stomp. It was so much fun to watch…

Finally getting the polka music out of my head. Loved having my creative juices flowing and the time to create while chatting with fun and interesting people AND

this weekend I fell in love again! With a vintage brooch I bought that I had been contemplating what to do with. (I am still deeply in love with my husband of 17 years, but there is alway room to love new jewelry!)  I knew it needed to be a statement piece…  my fingers just started playing… sometimes I was wondering if I was liking where this was going… is it going to be too much? It has to be perfect because this piece is so incredible.

To my own surprise, I am happy with the look of it. So happy, I had to put it on right away and see how it would wear.

I am not sure if you can see on the photo, but you can totally tell that this brooch was worn time and again with love. The edges of the flowers have worn off just enough to give it so much character!

I securely wired the dark wire and started to duplicated the flower petals with a wire shadow using 19 gauge wire. I then took 28 gauge wire and started stringing multiple tiny, tiny vintage glass pearls and started wrapping and allowing the wire to create the whimsical look to support the amazing brooch. I created my signature bail and inserted the funky chunky chain. Floral Funkiness was born. Based on the cost of the pendant, time and vintage pearls, this unique, one of a kind necklace is $125.

Here is a sneak peek of a few other necklaces that I will highlight soon…

The bottom one is similar to the funky fleur de lis I highlighted last week but made from a vintage serving tray! So much fun!

Hope you have a creatively fun day!


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