I am So Thankful

Today, I feel so thankful. I have had such amazing support from my family and friends, starting with my amazing sister Karlene, who has been a never ending source of support and inspiration, (she is uber gifted with flowers and anything home decor. Can’t wait for you to get your website going!) I have amazing friends who have not only encouraged me, but purchase from me, and shop for me too.

The past couple of weeks have been so filled with awe for me as my jewelry business has been growing. I have quite a few wholesale requests lately, I am so excited. And, I have a secret, a blossom of potential that I am afraid to share so I don’t jinx it! It could be big! I am so honored, I wish I could share. Hopefully soon! I have my fingers and my toes crossed! I hope to tell you soon!

Until then, I have a very busy schedule coming up! Oktoberfest this weekend, the Women’s Showcase October 16, Silver Bella in November & more on the horizon!

I have created a pendant from this beautiful and unique vintage brooch. The stones are a teal color and so beautiful. The white beads look like milk glass. I have carefully snuggled it with wire. Have I shared with you that I always try to keep the integrity of the original piece intact? Nestled on the funky chunky chain, this is a beautiful statement piece.

($69) Funky Chunky Teal Statement

Have a terrific day! Hope to see you stompin’ some grapes. Kris


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2 responses to “I am So Thankful

  1. you are very busy. that is a good thing right?! i think silver bella would be amazing. someday. have a great weekend.

  2. no, it’s you that is amazing! super excited for you and for your future and for your dreams!! grateful to be a part of your life!!! xxoo

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