Funky Chunky Pop Tops

I love it when someone takes an amazing idea and creates something useable… My new friend Cathy does just that!

She takes old pop tops and creates beads out of them… It was like Christmas for me, to select a variety of pop tops to work with. I could run my fingers through them all day! Well, I guess what I really mean is that I could create all day with them!

Red Arrow Cream Soda Funky Chunky Pop Top

I just love the colors… the wear… vintagy look to them…

Lime Soda Funky Chunky Wire Mania

I just can’t resist saying… “Ya put de lime in de co – co – nut….” sorry… it was just going around and around in my head. Do you remember that?

New Diet Double Colo (Twice the Cola Funky Chunky!)

So do you think Double Cola means there is twice the cola? Mmmmm, sounds good right about now!

So each of the above necklaces are available to purchase from yours truly $55 each and includes the funky chunky 18″ chain… just email me – to purchase.

Hope you have a perfectly marvelous day (and sorry if I put “Ya put de lime in de co – co – nut….” in your head!!!) If you think of it, let me know what commercial it is from… I can picture it, but can’t see what the product was!

Thanks! Kris

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