Random Number Generator

I just wanted to let everyone know that I printed off the list of comments from the start date to the end date of the giveaway, numbered each comment and entered them into the random number generator. So the giveaway was official, I took a pic of my paperwork & the screen to show the numbers :-). I am bot posting them because it dhows everyone’s email address, so have to figure out a better way! Just meant to let you know! Congratulations!

And, we got to enjoy Keegan’s first football game the other night. Can you guess which one is my son? Yup #44. He is a quarterback & a safety. My husband said to him, “now you know what Farve feels like”, Keegan replied, “Farve doesn’t get pasted nearly as much as I do!”

I know, but lookout when he hits his growth spurt!

Have a happy day!

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