Funky Chunky Wednesday

Last call for comments on my blog giveaway. Enter tonight by midnight! I am so excited!

I am also thrilled to have been accepted as vendor for Silver Bella in Omaha, NE on Friday, November 12.

Today I am highlighting a necklace I made last night. I am going to try to add another photo later to allow you to see the scalloped wire detail that frames this pendant. Some of the crystals disappear in the photo as well. This pendant has an amazing smoky crystal as the focal point and is surrounded by vintage buttons and beads. The necklace is finished with my funky chunky beaded chain in 18″ length.

I truly appreciate the suggestion that someone gave to me at the handmade market to list a price by my necklaces that I showcase. The first person to email me ( will be the new owner of this necklace.

Funky Chunky Smoky Style  (Sorry, this one Sold!) 

Here is a better photo of the scalloped wire edge

Thanks and have an amazingly perfect day!


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2 responses to “Funky Chunky Wednesday

  1. elizabeth

    loved your stuff at the handmade market last week!

  2. Looks like you’re having fun doing something you love Kris. Good for you.
    I am so wanting to go to Silver Bella. I’ve wanted to go for about 3 years now, but decided to wait until Emily graduates in 2 more years. That is why I was so disappointed when they planned the Creative Connections event during the Junk Bonanza event, as I was already committed to sell at JB. Now, that sale has been so fabulous, that I’m committed again for 2011 to be a vendor. Oh well, someday I’ll get to attend one of these artisan events such as SilverBella and/or CC. Enjoy your time amongst other like minded people. You’ll have a blast. My blogging friends Elizabeth Maxson and Karla Nathan always go, and my dream is to meet them in person one day. 🙂 Elizabeth inspired me to blog.
    Thanks for checking out the inspiration studio blog and for leaving a comment. I’m quite excited about that new venture and appreciate the support.
    Your designs are unique and fun… keep up the great work.

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